Re-branding for Printing and Writing Paper

31 Dec 2018

With effect from January 2019, APRIL Group's Printing and Writing Paper will be re-branded under PaperOne™, our flagship brand to create a greater sense of brand unity across our products.

PaperOne™ Digital Retail Pack Launch

5 Oct 2018

PaperOne™ Digital Retail Pack (100 sheets) was launched in Indonesia, Jakarta on 5 October 2018, together with 37 media attended this event which garnered over 50 articles on print media and online media. This event also featured a mini photography exhibition by a famous photographer Dion Wiyoko who printed his best photos on PaperOne™ Digital 100 gsm.

PaperOne™ Ingredient Marketing

1 Oct 2018

The PaperOne™ Ingredient Marketing initiative was launched in Q4 2018 with the objective to increase PaperOne™ brand visibility. An incentive was given to printers and publishes for producing products using PaperOne™ Offset Paper with our logo printed on it.